Effectively managing your supply chain

To manage a supply chain needs visibility of your the order cycle in real time with tracking and accurate matching of orders, deliveries and invoices. Interprise gives you this and more ...

Interprise provides a comprehensive set of tools within the supplier module that lets you manage your supply chain effectively and in real time. Supporting multi-currency, multi-location suppliers with manual or automatic supplier price list updates your supplier accounts will be accurate and easy to follow.

A 360 degree view across all purchase, inventory and sales movements during purchase order entry offer great flexibility; you get to see real time stock levels with drill down on every aspect, while during a sales order you can use one click drop ship PO’s generated on a chosen supplier. Other options include auto generated PO’s from sales/usage patterns.

There is extensive support for supplier promotional pricing and quantity breaks allowing generated purchase orders to take advantage of rapidly changing price environments.

The supplier module is tailored around your business processes; it can be as simple or as sophisticated and you need it to be; the Interprise supplier module has everything you need to build an efficient workflow

Flexible Supplier Workflow

The supplier module includes purchase requisitions, purchase order processing and purchase ledger functions. Use as much or as little of this core functionality to tailor the most efficient business processes.

Intelligent purchase order processing has to be flexible

A smooth and well controlled supplier chain is about predicting demand and making sure you have the right stock levels and processes to fill that demand effectively. The business processes used to achieve this can be many and varied; Interprise has the flexibility to adapt to them all.

Whether your fulfil from warehouse or drop ship orders directly to your customers from supplier, whether you buy raw materials to manufacture or assemble, or you sell single products or kits with many options; whatever your business process to get goods from your suppliers to your customers Interprise will provide a fast, flexible and accurate system.

Effective supply chain management is about vision and control.

It takes Interprise

Key features of the Interprise supplier module

These are only a selection of the standard features of the Interprise supplier module. Each user or department can operate their own menu or screen options that simplifies operations to produce the most efficient workflow possible.

efficiency by design

Plugin Options for System Manager

Exchange 365 Email Integration

Allows Interprise to send, receive and store email, contacts and calendar functions using Microsoft Exchange on premise, hosted or Office 365.   This allows any user to synchronise with Outlook.


The alerts plug in allows you to enable an alert to a user when a predefined condition is met within the Interprise system.  

Supplier Feeds

Update your supplier price lists manually or automatically at scheduled times using the supplier feed plugin.  Update cost prices, lead times and supplier stock quantities to your inventory module.

Serial/Batch traceability

This comprehensive plugin allows you to track stock and sales by serial or lot/batch number.  When you need to maintain traceability from purchase order to customer sales invoice this is the perfect solution.

WMS Barcode Picking

Pick orders from your warehouse using a handheld barcode scanner as part of the picking routine.

Atlas EDI

This plugin allows you to connect to Trading partners using  Atlas (TrueCommerce) EDI.  You can receive sales orders and send back invoices using this plugin. 

Screen Shot Gallery

Demonstration Video

Invest an hour of your life and let Tony take you through the supplier workflow.  You will marvel at the ease of use and swoon at the advanced features from this Interprise core module.  Perfect for those requiring  a more detailed knowledge of what was traditionally called purchase order processing and purchase ledger.

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