Take the guesswork out of inventory

Getting the right balance of stock in your warehouse allows you to maximise your revenue and keep the cash tied up in stock holding to a minimum. The flexibility of Interprise lets you find and keep that sweet spot.

The Interprise stock module supports the creation of any form of stock, non-stock or service items and enables you to track stock movements as they flow through your business. From initial supplier purchase orders and goods received you can monitor stock levels and keep a close eye on stock values in real time.

Sales orders are instantly updated (from web shop orders or sales orders processed within the office or perhaps remotely from sales people on the road). These are then allocated stock (individually or as part of an allocation wizard) to make prioritised use of available stock and any shortfalls processed as back orders and highlighted for inclusion in new purchased orders.

An item centred 360 degree view within stock control puts you in control with instant drill down on every detail of that item; the location of quantities in stock, a list of sales orders containing the item and which of these are allocated already, the quantity on order from suppliers and how many are confirmed as in transit. This permits accurate calculation of free stock and potential stock levels allowing you to allocate incoming stock to outstanding sales orders as soon as they arrive in the door.

Watch your stock flow

Interprise maintains accurate stock across your sales order and purchase order cycles maintaining 360 degree visibility of your stock position with drill down on every screen giving you detailed answers when you need them; fast!

Intelligent purchase order processing has to be flexible

The Interprise stock system is all about control, tracking and reporting. So even if you don’t maintain physical stock levels at your own warehouses (you may sell via third party warehouses or even sell non-tracked items like downloaded software) the stock module can provide you with the flexible customer pricing and sales reporting you need to calculate margins.

For businesses that need even more accurate tracking of stock there is an Interprise plugin for tracking serial numbers of lot/batch numbers and even one for providing your customers with consignment stock.  As with every module flexibility is the key; simplicity through good design.

Effective management of stock in real time takes vision and control

It takes Interprise

Key features of the Interprise stock module

These are only a selection of the standard features of the Interprise stock module. Each user or department can operate their own menu or screen options that simplifies operations to produce the most efficient workflow possible.

efficiency by design

Plugin Options for Stock Control

Serial/Batch traceability

This comprehensive plugin allows you to track stock and sales by serial or lot/batch number.  When you need to maintain traceability from purchase order to customer sales invoice this is the perfect solution.

WMS Barcode Picking

Pick orders from your warehouse using a handheld barcode scanner as part of the picking routine.

Screen Shot Gallery

Demonstration Video

Vertical menu look and feel

Take a comfortable seat and prepare to be thrilled as Tony takes you on a 45 minute tour of the inventory module. Go through the process of creating the many types of stock item, perform a stock take, understand the stock costing options and multi-currency pricing … finally look at the stock reports and marvel at their insightfulness.

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