Create, copy and modify document layouts and reports

The Integrated Report Writer provides an intuitive drag and drop design interface that lets you amend any existing document layout within any Interprise module or plug-in, or copy and modify these layouts.

You may create your own reports or new document templates from scratch using any of the Interprise SQL views. Since you may add custom fields within Interprise using the data dictionary, these custom fields are added to the SQL views and become available for use within the report writer.

You may also add the SQL Report Writer plugin option that allows you to access data sets beyond your current Interprie database; perfect if you have additional SQL applications that you wish to incorporate into reports.

Plugin Options for System Manager

Dashboard Designer

Keep an eye on those KPI’s in real time using the Interprise Dashboard Designer. Build your own dashboards that focus on what your business needs using graphs and charts to simplify relationships and highlight activity.

SQL Report Writer

The SQL Report Writer plugin allows you to create graphics rich reports on any SQL database.  You may select multiple tables or views with a wide selection of tools to build your perfect report.

Interactive Reporting

Instantly analyse any aspect of your business in real-time, online from anywhere at anytime.  The perfect tool where you need your interactive reports to drill down to the transaction detail.

Demonstration Video

Vertical menu look and feel

If you have a spare 45 minutes why not enjoy a quick guide to the Interprise report writer.  This built in designer permits you to amend any existing document or report layouts as well as creating entirely new reports or documents that insert into the Interprise workflow or provide valuable custom reports. 

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