18 User Interprise Suite. Use most modules of Interprise like Accounting, Stock, Sales & Purchase order Processing.

Wheelbase is a alloy wheel and tyre distributor, we have a large showroom in Oldham near Manchester, we stock around 30,000 alloys wheels & Tyres and have a fitting workshop. We also have an online retail web shop, shipping across the UK and Europe daily.

We have been using Interprise for over 8 years, and have a 18 user system. Modules used are Sales, Stock, Purchase order processing, Banking, & System Manager, with bespoke changes to suite our needs.

Wheelbase have benefited from using Interprise since its implementation, we like the reporting aspect of the system, easy to understand, we run our stock system through it, and find it very useful for tracing historical information.

Working with Interprise with regards to support is very simple, we have always had them on hand to resolve any queries we might have, the service we get from them is 1st class, the telephone support is fast and always with a resolution, the team are always pleasant, friendly and easy to talk to.

Yes, We would recommend Interprise Solutions

Casting Services

20 User Interprise Suite over 2 Locations using web services. Mainly Use : Quotes, CRM, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Drop Ship, Stock Control and Accounting modules.

Casting Services has been going for over 28 years. We have 2 sites one based in Salford, Manchester and the other in swadlincote, burton on trent. We have 22 staff and we class ourselves as a specialist builders merchants supplying selling limited number of items like , frames, pipes and fittings, valves we supply customer from paddy with his wheelbarrow to big utility companies.

We have been using Interprise for over 8 years and we use CRM, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Financials and the main one to us is Stock Control.

Sure we used Sage line 100 which was good but lacked on the stock side and this is important to us as we carry 2000 lines and 1.5m value of stock so need to know where it is and what we have, Interprise is very good at that. Our favorite feature is drop ship and special order features in sales order speeds up purchase order creation and save sales guys tons of time.

Find them very very good to work with. The implementation went very smoothly. Like all new things we did initially have some problems but they got sorted out quickly and that’s how when you find out how good a company is. They sorted them out quickly. They are always accessible on the phone for support and nine times out ten they answer the question or problem there and then. Its been a very good experience.

Yes and we have done on many occasions. All they need to do now is get their name known more in the market place and I think they will be as big as Sage.

Cool Designs

15 User Interprise Suite over 3 Locations using web services. Mainly Use : Quotes, CRM, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Stock Control and Accounting modules.

Cool Designs are an Air Conditioning Distributor/Wholesaler. We supply the air conditioning contractors but also are involved with design so we work closely with architects and end users from small shops to hotels to large national accounts. We began trading in 2003 and have offices in Glasgow, Sunderland and Warrington. We hold stock in the latter two locations. Employing 10 people this year we’ll turn over just over £5M.

We have used Interprise now for a couple of years. We have five internal staff that use Interprise on a day to day basis and then three external staff who use the system occasionally. The internal staff mainly use the Customer, Supplier & Inventory modules. I then also use Banking and Accounting. The CRM module is something I’d still like to explore further as I can see it is a powerful tool.

Definitely. In the past we had Sage Line 50 at two locations but there was no method of networking these. We couldn’t see who had what stock and didn’t have a live view of each others customer accounts. We knew we needed to move to a networked system and did consider Sage Line 200. Not only was Interprise a more cost effective solution offering over and above our expectation, but we could see it was a new fresh build whereas others we looked at had an old interface and looked “patched up” older versions. We now can see what any branch has in stock at any one time, move product between locations and all users can see a live snapshot of any customer account.

Our favourite features include how the system handles drop ship orders. It is very easy for us to track part shipments that we regularly do. Also the reporting element of the system is very strong. In today’s climate we have to run reports for customers, suppliers and of course accountants and financers. The ease in which this level of reporting can be supported saves time and gives accurate data.

Very positive. It’s fair to say that without the ongoing support we have we would not be as positive towards the package. A strong backup is essential for us as we need to be focussed day to day on our roles for our business and not spending time with any software issues. It is reassuring to know that when queries are passed over they are dealt with swiftly. In addition, we have moulded the software to suit our business with a small amount of reconfiguration. Again this type of support makes the product even more valuable.

Delamere Dairies

15 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: Sales Order Procesing, Purchase Order Processing, Stock Control & Accounting modules. Also use the Atlas EDI Plugin to bring in Sales Orders from the large retailers and send back Invoices. Delamere also use the Batch Traceability plugin to track batches of stock.

Delamere Dairy trades speciality dairy products (goats cows soya) to UK multiple and independent retailers and has a growing export market. Growing out of a farming and milk processing business founded 25 years ago, Delamere Dairy has now outsourced all its milk production and processing capabilities. The business now involves a complex operation planning milk supplies, daily manufacturing processes with the co-packers, product movement and distribution, quality control, sales and marketing and business management. Turnover £15M, employing 14 staff including the 3 directors.

We went live with Interprise on January 1st 2010. The aim was to replace Sage Line 100 Accounts package and manage our Sales Order Processing function with 14 users. Transition of accounts function relatively smooth. SOP required significant bespoke development post launch that hadn’t been anticipated.

All users now happy with Interprise. Favourite features – Ease of being able to convert information into other document formats. Drill down and much clearer and easier access to detailed information. Generally a much more flexible and “user friendly” system then the ones we replaced.

The Clean Machine

6 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock, Order Processing and Interprise eCommerce.

We are a small company with 8 employees based in Telford, Shropshire where we have a large warehouse and trade counter. We supply professional cleaning equipment and supplies to the Cleaning Trade, Councils, Hospitals, Hotel’s etc. We deliver to our customer base within an hour’s radius of Telford using our own delivery vehicles but supply customers in the rest of the UK and Worldwide using courier companies like DHL, UPS etc. We get a lot of our business via our web site.

We previously used Tas Books 3 (a Sage Company) which we had been using for 15 years. This was a full featured package with all modules but lacked CRM and an integrated ecommerce web site. After much research I settled on Interprise Suite. I particularly liked the price compared to other packages offering similar features. We purchased all of the standard modules and the ecommerce web site.

We haven’t really used the CRM much yet but all of the other modules are easy to use. It took a while to get used to as many of the day to day functions were different to what we had been used to but it has many more functions that make our life easier which more than compensates. The search functions are much more comprehensive. Sales Order entry is very good as you have everything you need to know right in front of you, also creating a Drop Ship, or Purchase order from the Sales Order screen saves so much time. We import products from Spain and Italy and have been using the Landed Cost feature. We can now see a real cost price per product that includes carriage. The Ecommerce module is our favourite. Each customer can log in and it will display their special prices, when they order it is entered straight onto the system without anyone having to re-key the order. The hard part is getting customers to use it, most still prefer to phone up! It is a good tool to get new business though.

The installation was very good. Martyn converted all our data from TAS and copied it into IS. We even had all of the old individual outstanding invoices rather than a total opening balance for each customer. We had 4 days installation/training which was good enough to get up and running but we did need to telephone a few times to get some help and each time it was sorted there and then. All of the support, whether it is by email, telephone or when the remote into is all very prompt.

I would certainly recommend Interprise Suite to anyone. It is a “grown up” package for not much more than a basic system

ELectrical Distributing Company

6 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock and Order Processing.

We are a leading, independent, UK wholesale specialist providing the supply and delivery of electrical goods to the wholesale and retail market.For over 30 years we have worked with the very best suppliers, providing a range of products to meet your electrical needs. We supply everything from pendants to power tools, fuse boxes and fire alarms, to a range of customers including Electricians,Building Contractors, Architects, Interior/Exterior Designers and Consumers.

We have been using Interprise since it was first launched in 2008 and currently only use the standard modules such as Customer, Supplier, Inventory, Accounting, Banking and CRM. We have 6 users.

Interprise provides us with a comprehensive end to end solution to automate our business. We have all the standard sage functionality including reporting and automated VAT/End of FY returns, but additionally have a CRM module and an Inventory module, which all work in conjunction with each other to provide us with a sleek system with a brilliant user experience.

Interprise is constantly developing new plugins and fixes and keep us up to date on a regular basis. The upgrades are FOC and are conveniently scheduled around your system. Initially, we also had a few teething issues getting to know our way around our new automated system and Interprise support has been fantastic in helping us by understanding what we are trying to do and providing solutions that enhance the user functionality.

We would definitely recommend Interprise solutions to businesses similar to ours. It is a one stop shop that enables us to run our whole business efficiently, with helpful support just a phone call away.

Alpha Biotech

5 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock and Order Processing.

Alpha Biotech currently offers a wide range of HLA typing, laboratory automation products and services to an expanding customer base, including crystallography, DNA extraction and liquid processing robots. Products supplied by Alpha Biotech are used by a broad range of academic, government, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other leading institutions around the globe.

We have used Interprise Suite since January 2010 and have 5 users. We have been using the CRM, Customer, Supplier and Inventory Modules with the Outlook Integration plugin synching the Calendar and Emails to and from Customer and Supplier records.

Our previous software had problems with Stock control particularly with relation to Multiple warehouses. We have imports and exports from various locations and Interprise handles this well with the additional bonus of multi-currency trading. The ability to synch all our Emails from Outlook with our Customer and Supplier records is very useful as is the Calendar Synch with Outlook as this allows you to have a record of your calendar on your phone. The search facility has also been easier to use than our previous software.

Working with everyone at Interprise suite has been a positive experience and they are always happy to help us out with various requests no matter how small. Their phone support has been excellent and prompt.

Would be happy to recommend them as a reliable Team.


10 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock, Order Processing and Interprise eCommerce.

We are a media group focusing on films, music and design. Bluelight is an independent film production and distribution company. Bluelight carries out the servicing & distribution for an international film sales company, we operate four companies on Interprise connected with films. On the music side we have Visible Noise Ltd & DC Recordings, both are independent and have achieved chart topping success. We also have a widely respected cinema-specialist graphic design company La Boca Ltd.

We have been using Interprise since 2009 and have 10 users. We are currently using interprise for eight different companies within our group, 3 of the companies have been customised to use a sales order and purchase order linked facility. We find this very useful, it helps us raise customer invoices and supplier purchase orders in one go rather than having to do both separately. We use the banking module for 5 of the companies and have websites for 3 of the companies using the e-commerce facility with a linked sagepay account for the 3 web-shops. We also use the inventory section for 2 companies for stock for ourselves and 2 of our consignment customers this feature is really useful as we can keep check of our stock levels and sales. We use the accounting module to run B/S and P/L reports. We also use this module for our VAT and EC sales returns to HMRC.

We use interprise on a daily basis and it has made our workplace environment a much easier and simple place. I found that once trained all our users picked up the system very easily. The best part of Interprise is that you customise it to the way you work. The reports available are easy to read and simple to amend to your needs. We have had a linked sales order and purchase order system customized where we can raise both customer invoices and supplier purchase orders in one go this has saved us time and money having to raise both separately, this is the one facility which has enabled us to focus on our customer needs.

We moved to Interprise UK from one of their re-sellers in March 2012 due to issues we had dealing with the re-seller for our support. We very rarely have the need for support but have found that every time we have needed any support we have been dealt with very quickly and most efficiently. Natalie and Karl in the support team already knew our databases when we moved over as they had done some work with the re-seller before we moved over. Each time we have had issues they have been dealt with over the telephone and have been dealt with within 10-15 minutes at the most but are usually dealt with within a few minutes.

In the last two years we have been with Interprise we have added extra company databases and had other modules customised to the way we wanted it to work. All work has been done by Natalie, Karl and Martyn in the support team and everything has been dealt with in a timely and efficient manner with no problems each time, the support we continue to receive is of the utmost quality and the staff are very friendly and easy to deal with. We have a very good relationship with them all and would highly recommend any company to get on board.

Club Clothing

5 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock, Order Processing, eShop Connect to Amazon/eBay/Play.

We are a distribution company, specialising in the supply of promotional clothing to screenprinters, embroiderers, workwear companies etc. We hold a lot of stock of many low value items and process around 100 sales orders per day. We also have an e-commerce arm to the business, for which we use the Interprise e-commerce module.

We switched from Sage Line 100 around 3 years ago and use all the modules (as far as I am aware!). We have 5 users. It was a big step to change but the support & training we received around the swapover date was second to none and within a short time we were up & running confidently on the new system with no inconvenience to customers.

The stock control is fantastic, especially the integration of purchasing records which give visibility of due dates for future deliveries. The E-commerce module makes the creation of a website really straightforward. Most of it can easily be done by basic-level staff in house without the need to pay thousands to an outside agency to design & maintain a website for us.

The team at Interprise is small but it’s rare that a call goes unanswered or an enquiry is not responded to. Being an owner-managed firm, there is a definite feeling that people there care and genuinely want to help. And they know us and our business well so can respond easily without us having to explain everything from scratch. I can’t pretend that there has been an immediate solution to every problem but there has to the vast majority. And for the more complex queries there has been a definite willingness to work hard to find us a solution.

Heeley Surgical

4 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock and Order Processing.

Heeley Surgical Ltd manufacture all types of stainless steel surgical instrumentation. We have a range of over 7500 instruments, 100’s of customers from both the public and private sector, and retail our products around the world.

We have been using Interprise since July 2010, just over 4 years. We currently have 4 users on the system, using the customer, supplier, inventory, banking and accounting modules.

Interprise has been a great benefit to the company since we went live with it 4 years ago. Having come from a system of spreadsheets and word documents having an all-in-one CRM system has made everyone’s working lives that much easier.
We love having all our customers details in one place, with quick and easy access to historical sales data. With over 7500 products the Inventory module is a great way to manage and maintain stocks, warehouses etc.

The Interprise support team have been great. Any issues have been resolved quickly, they are always at the end of the phone, friendly and happy to help.

I would, without doubt, recommend Interprise to anyone looking for a CRM and accounting system. We looked at the competition before choosing Interprise, and nothing came close.

SD Healthcare

18 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock and Order Processing.

SD Healthcare are an Ophthalmic and Refractive Distributor based in Irlam Manchester. We currently supply Ophthalmic and Refractive products to the NHS and Private Sector both in the UK and Ireland as well as parts of Europe.

We have been using Interprise over the last two and half years. We currently have 18 users who have been either some or all of the CRM, Accounts and Stock modules which have had some bespoke changes to meet our needs.

SD Healthcare have benefited from using Interprise Suite due to the flexibility that the system offers. We are able to easily access data from the system to meet our day to day needs. Being able to modify access at different user levels to data on the system has been a great feature to our company, as well as the bespoke reporting systems that they have designed for us.

In the time that we have been using the system the team at Interprise have always been very friendly as well as helpful. We have a great working relationship with them and always find them quick to respond to any issues we might have.

I would be more than happy to recommend Interprise Solutions to anyone who is look at purchasing a flexible business software system.

Epco Plastics

15 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock and Order Processing.

Epco limited are an independent distributor of industrial thermoplastic pipework systems, operating from a large warehouse in Leeds and serving the whole of the UK as well as international clients. With a large stockholding in excess of £450,000, our excellent reputation has been earned through keen pricing combined with the ability to accept orders up to 5pm for next day delivery throughout the UK.

We have been live with Interprise since April 2012, having spent the 12 months prior to that familiarising ourselves with the system using it for producing quotations only. We now utilise the CRM, Customer, Supplier, Inventory and Accounting modules. Prior to this we had used ACT! as our CRM database and Sage Line 100 for our sales, purchasing and stock control systems. The appeal of the Interprise was the ability to integrate everything into one database where all the various modules work in tandem with each other. We now have a 15 user licence.

Without doubt this has benefited us tremendously. The flexibility of the system is a major feature as it allows us to tailor pricing to suit individual customers with the minimum of effort and time, and the documents issued from the system can be designed to suit the individual organisation’s requirements, all of which look very professional when submitted to the customer. We find the fact that quotations, order acknowledgements, sales invoices and purchase orders can be sent by email as a PDF file directly from Interprise minimise time and effort, and the fact that the system gives full traceability to be a great help. The ability for authorised users to access the system remotely is extremely important as this allows our Business Development Managers, who are based externally, to update the system real time with reports following visits to customers, their access to modules can also be limited so they only have access to the information they require, whether they are in the UK or overseas. Information such as new product lines and customer lists can also be imported from an excel spreadsheet which cuts the time spent doing so to an absolute minimum. Price updates can also be done in exactly the same way.

We find all the support team at Interprise to be very professional and helpful and generally our issues are resolved to our satisfaction. The custom designing of reports tailored to our requirements has come in very useful on occasions and, where required, the support staff are able to access our system remotely to resolve any issues that crop up real time.


5 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock and Order Processing.

Vdotcom / Immineo was established in 2004 and has steadily grown, to be one of the leading Value Added Resellers in Yorkshire. Immineo provides on-site IT Support across the Yorkshire region, telephone and remote support throughout the rest of the UK, Europe and the UAE. Immineo also provide account managed product and communication sales across many verticals including defense, education, government and the private sector.

Immineo have been using Interprise for 5 years now, we have 5 users. We use the CRM, order processing, purchasing and Payroll plug in.

Having used Sage line 100 and Saleslogix in the past, the 2 systems did not integrate which Interprise does. With Interprise the process from quote to sales order is fantastic and saves our sales team a lot of time by just converting one to the other. Another excellent feature is the linked purchase order process which allows us to do multi drop ship deliveries direct to our customers all linked to the sales order. We can also attach customer copies of purchase orders and licences for efficient account management. Everything is available in one place.

As a support company ourselves we always expect the best support and training available and we are very happy with the service we get from Apex IT. The phone is always answered in a timely manner and our queries are always dealt with in an efficiently. Natalie has done several training sessions with us for new staff and refresher training for existing staff, she is always a pleasure to deal with and is always able to offer us solutions to any queries or problems we may have.

Yes Immineo would recommend Interprise Solutions.

Swallow Dental

11 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock, Order Processing, iPad Access and eShop Connect to Magento.

We are a company that focus on a niche aspect of the dental industry. We supply surgical instruments and consumables to specialist dentists, particularly implantologists and peridontists. We deal with everything below the gum.

We have been using Interprise for just over 12months and have a 11 user licence. We use all of the standard modules (CRM, Customers, Suppliers, Inventory, Banking and Accounting). We also have the Magento e-commerce link to our website, Batch Serial Traceability and the iPad link.

Speed of historical data acquisition is very impressive. Also, once we got used to using the software, navigation became very simple and, as the data is in the SQL database, it is usually very easy to access what’s needed. It is also very flexible in terms of reporting. The only part of the product that we are not using at present is CRM, but it is in our plans for the next 12months. I like the fact that we can create target lists from CRM. We are still in the process of ensuring that Interprise and our webshop are functioning efficiently and creating the data that we need to use as a springboard for our growth over the next few years.

The support is normally very good and willing to create bespoke features if needed. The training has been excellent and we feel comfortable with the ongoing relationships that have been built over the last 12 months.

Ionic Stone

10 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock and Order Processing.

We are a tile distributor specialising in natural stone tiles and slabs. We import goods from all over the world and distribute to the UK market.

We have been using Interprise since 2008. We have a 10 user licence and use the CRM, Customer, Supplier, Inventory, Accounts modules mainly. Also we have tailored specific plugins for our needs.

We have probably been one of the first users of the system since its introduction the the UK market. The system has evolved over the years with many additional benefits. The main advantage we have had is the speed compared to our old system and also reporting tools are one of our favourites.

The staff is very efficent to deal with problems and also they have helped us out in many occasions. They are quick to iron out problems when they occur.

Yes we would recommend to Interprise Solutions.

Janitorial Products

5 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock, Order Processing and Interprise eCommerce.

Janitorial product supply and distribution. (Customer does not want to be contacted from website, name available on request).

We have been using Interprise since 2012, currently running 5 users plus the integrated web shop.

Interprise has been a great success for us and has enabled us to increase in sales with the same team. It has streamlined all of our processes and it will continue to do more for us as we use all the features that are available on it.

We are impressed with the fast response to our technical questions and really appreciate the readiness to support and train our users. Genuine telephone support from the guys that actually know is a massive plus for any business.

Yes, I certainly would recommend Interprise Solutions, it is very good value for money. An additional comment I’d make is that the ability to use the system over web services means we can operate from any location as required!

Vision ID

22 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock, Order Processing and Interprise eCommerce.

Vision ID Ltd. is Ireland’s leading Supplier of AIDC (Automated Identification and Data Capture) solutions to the Irish Manufacturing, Distribution, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Retail markets. Established in 2000 as a standard setter, Vision ID is the first choice for clients who demand quality products at competitive prices with world class service and support to back it up. What we like to call the Vision ID experience.

We have been using Interprise since 2007, , we currently have 22 users and use the full suite of accounting modules including CRM

Interprise has been an integral part of Vision ID’s growth since 2007. It is very user friendly yet able to handle all aspects of the Back to back sales order to Purchase order process intuitive

I have always found Interprise UK support to be extremely professional, thorough, and empathetic to any questions or queries we may have had over the years.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Interprise Solutions to any potential users.


11 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock, Order Processing and eShop Connect to Magento.

Dayex supply furniture and furnishings to the care home industry nationwide, and our unique advantage is our guaranteed 5 day delivery. Our products are mainly bedroom furniture, chairs and curtains, and we operate from a sales office in Southern England, with a central warehousing and distribution centre in the Midlands.

We started using Interprise in May 2013. We have seven users and use the CRM, Customer, Supplier, Inventory, Banking, Accounting and eCommerce modules.

We have benefited hugely from having a fully integrated system. We were previously using both SuperOffice for CRM, and Sage for invoicing and accounts. The full integration has proved a massive advantage with stock control being important to us and the fact that is linked to our transport company, which has sped up the whole order process.

The support and training is very good, for any query we just call or send an email and response is usually very quick.

Quex Foods

10 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock and Order Processing.

Producers of a range of has cooked crisps and rapeseed oils growing rapidly over the last 3 years.

We have been using Interprise for 3 years, we currently have 10 users and use SOP, accounts and banking and CRM modules.

We have benefitted from the flexibility and the user friendly functionality of the of the Interprise software. We have particularly benefited from the constant improvement and development work from the a Apex team.

Interprise has been a hugely beneficial system for us as a fast growing company particularly in its flexibility to tailor modules making the system more bespoke for our business needs. Interprise offer an excellent support team who never fail to answer our queries in a very timely and friendly manner.

Yes definitely, it is a great system supported by great people and a real asset to our business.


18 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock and Order Processing.

Ghekko Ltd, we are a telecommunications company operating worldwide for over 25 years, our loyal customer base includes Carriers, System Intergrators, Support Companies and FTSE100 clients, who continue to turn to us as a trusted partner. All of our products and repairs carry a full 12 month warranty, and do not leave our premises until our test procedure for each product has been observed and completed. Our test procedures are more stringent than most manufacturers, as we aim to ensure your product is as good as new. Every item is then passed through our QA process team for final acceptance. For additional security, every item is bar code scanned during the booking in and out process, ensuring we capture the unique identifier of each product. And finally, all of our items are shipped in new packaging and clearly labelled for inventory management.

We have been using Interprise since the beginning of 2014. We have 16 users. We use all the standard modules. We also us the Exchange email integration.

We used to use Sage 50. We had outgrown Sage but could not find a system that would do what we needed to do for a reasonable price until we found Interprise. Interprise is a much faster system, back to back orders are easy to complete. Searching for products and customers is extremely easy now. We use the stock and order processing features extensively. Sales peoples commissions and profit margins are extremely important to us and one of our favourite features.

Support has been very good there is always someone to answer the phone to help with an issue.

IC Innovations

10 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: Financials, Stock and Order Processing.

Since 2005 IC Innovations has been supplying a wide variety of high quality, great value, on trend consumer products. We design, source and import Seasonal gifts and Houseware products, many of them now award winning.

We have been using Interprise for around 3 years and we have 10 users. We use Banking, Accounting, Payroll & HR, Customer, Supplier and Inventory Modules.

It has benefitted our company and It is useful to have everything in one place and to easily trace the journey of orders from Sales Order to Invoice. The statement section allows our accountants to see clearly what money is owed. The system is accessible with clear guidance and setup wizards to guide the user through processes.

We have contacted Interprise support on several occasions and they are usually able to resolve any technical queries there and then. The support staff are always friendly and easy to deal with.

Fridge Freezer Direct

10 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock and Order Processing and eShop Connect to Magento.

FFD ltd specialise in the online sale and supply of commercial refrigeration and catering equipment.

We have been using Interprise suite for around 18 months, we have 9 users and use all modules within the Suite apart from Ecommerce. We also use some additional plugins; 1) Eshopconnect 2) Alerts 3) Sales Monitor 4) Outlook.

Interprise suite has enabled us to streamline our business processes giving us the ability to be able to deal with a greater amount of business with the same number of staff.

The support from Interprise is great, quick responses to any problems or questions we may. They are always willing to discuss and brain storm issues we may have whereby they can improve not only the Suite but also the day to day use of the Suite within our business.

I would not hesitate to recommend Interprise based on what the suite has to offer in terms of functionality, value for money and support that is provided for the product.

SG World

3 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock and Order Processing and Interprise eCommerce.

Lanyards-etc supplies a comprehensive range of Lanyards and Card Holders at the very best prices. Everything you need for identifying people including Visitor Systems. We are specialists in supplying Lanyards, and Badge Wallets for events, exhibitions and trade shows, we also offer a custom Lanyards service.

We mainly use: Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Stock Control, ecommerce & Accounting modules.

Interprise makes everything very simple as your backend systems work seamlessly with your webshop and all stock data needs to be added only once.

Working with interprise is good, if you have an issue their phone support is good your call gets answered and resolutions are always in a timely and efficient manner.

Victoria Hall

20 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: Financials and Order Processing.

We are Victoria Hall. Our company provides / offers top quality and award winning student accommodation across the UK and Europe. We have Halls in Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester HCS, Manchester UBS, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield, Wolverhampton, London, Valencia (Spain) and Bremen (Germany). We believe in stylish, comfortable and above all affordable student accommodation in unrivalled locations close to University and College campuses. Simply the best student accommodation provider in the UK.

We have been using Interprise since March 2014 with about 37 users and the modules that we currently use are sales ledger, purchase ledger, inventory, banking and accounting.

The company used to have a DOS Sage accounting package with 2 users and since we have installed / used the Interprise Suite it has kind of innovated our system in the sense that our administration staff in our 11 Halls have access to the live accounting data via the Internet link. The best feature I would say, is the automated raising of purchase orders. We used to have a manual purchase order in a Word format document and then the information from the PO are inputted onto an excel sheet which forms part of a budget sheet. Each quarter the Halls will email their budget sheets to Accounts for checking so they can be cross referenced to the expenditures logged on Sage system. Then Accounts will email the corrections of budget codes to the Halls and at the same time agreeing the actual costs during the quarter. The time spent on checking 11 budget sheets would be around a week.

With Interprise, each Hall have access to the Supplier module which give them the capability to raise and print their own purchase orders from the system. The authorisation of PO’s are also done on Interprise and the electronic signatures of the users are also shown on the printed PO. It is good for the Inteprise system to have that flexibility to copy exactly the format / design of our manual Word Purchase Order form. We have stopped manually inputting orders onto the excel (budget) sheets as Interprise have created us an ODBC link which forms into an excel budget spreadsheets for each hall. This in effect will eliminate manual cross checking of budget sheets as both parties will be seeing the same information of costs / expenditures which could then save a lot of admin time for the Hall Managers and Accounts.

It has been brilliant working with Interprise UK from day one. We had a couple of half a day training for the hall managers and a couple of days for Accounts and Natalie Barrett has been excellent in those training days. She has gone through every bit of the Interprise Suite clearly and meticulously and thus conveying confidence to us (new users). Obviously Interprise being a new system to us, we have contacted them for support especially in the first month either by phone or email with some queries or functions of the system that we did not fully understand and they have always been there to help us out by phone or by remotely connecting onto our PC’s.

I would fully recommend Interprise Solutions with their innovative system to any business enterprise.

Atlas Heating Supplies

35 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock and Counter Sales.

Atlas Heating supplies is an independent plumbers merchant, with branches in Manchester, Warrington and Huddersfield.

We have been using Interprise for 5 years, with some 18 users over the 3 branches, utilising the stock control, purchase order processing, banking and sales modules, with bespoke counter sales program.

Atlas Heating has most certainly benefitted from using Interprise due to the ease of use and the flexibility of the system.
Hard to pick a favourite feature as they all have merits in assisting in the running of our business.

Support when needed is provided promptly in a friendly, non-patronising manner…..

Pennine Components

6 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: Financials, Stock and Order Processing.

Pennine Components Ltd are specialist distributors of electrical components such as Atex limit switches, magnetic switches, microswitches and automotive relays serving the oil, machine tool and automotive markets.

We transferred 3 group companies to Interprise Suite in January 2014 with a 6 user licence. We currently use all the modules with the exception of crm.

To some extent the change to new accounts software was reluctantly forced on us due to the obsolescence of windows xp and sage line100. Our choice of software was limited to the very expensive £30k+ systems and or the more basic offerings that couldn’t replicate our existing system. In the end we chose Interprise suite because it filled that gap and given us functionality we otherwise couldn’t afford. One of the enhancements over our previous system is being able to get to information quickly without having to back track through many screens. As an example double clicking on the stock item to bring up and amend up the record whilst still in a purchase order. We also like the facility to access and reprint all documents such as order acknowledgments or invoices from the customer account and also the spread sheet style of presentation.

The initial training was good and the telephone support has been excellent so far. We have managed to implement all the functionality we need via training time or custom enhancements .The system seems to be bedding in nicely and i am comfortable in the choice we have made.

Yes, I would have no problem recommending this software.

GH Lucas & Co

3 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock and Order Processing.

G.H. Lucas & Company Ltd is a master distributor for foreign manufacturers with unique and innovative products wishing to enter the UK market. We deal with all importing, marketing, branding (if necessary) and distribution through well-established channels generated over 70 years of trading.

We have been using Interprise for 5 years now with 3 users. The customer, supplier, inventory, accounting and banking modules are all used daily within their respective user roles. The CRM module is also used frequently.

The software has become invaluable for streamlining business operations. The ability to extensively customise modules through user roles allows an efficient and effective way to provide departments with all pertinent information required to tackle the job at hand without giving away sensitive information reserved for senior eyes only. This customisation along with other forward thinking business processes and philosophies has allowed the business to operate not only more efficiently but also more profitably by the use of only 3 users.

Areas of note:
Lowest cost route for sending invoices.
Head office statements.
The ability to generate target lists based upon items bought/quoted is extremely useful for quick notifications of special offers or price increases.
The ability to dissect respective chart of accounts to individual transactions.
Customer part numbers and extensive customer pricing customisation.
Customisable reports are available in a number of file formats.

Although the E-Commerce module is not one which we currently use due to our low lateral position in our industry it is something I am hoping to potentially exploit for more end user facing opportunities currently on the chalk board not yet finalised.

Working with Interprise has been great. There is a lot to take in with software this powerful but support is not only available through one to one training but also extremely comprehensive training videos that can be referenced at your own leisure in case things get forgotten, which inevitably they do to begin with. The telephone support is fantastic. Nothing is ever and problem and I have found that requests are handled quickly and efficiently there and then through simple remote access. This all makes an ongoing relationship very easy.

There is no doubt that I would highly recommend Interprise Solutions not only as software to enhance forward thinking businesses but also the individuals that work within the company. I look forward to many more years of reassuring support and being part of an ever evolving top quality product that is easy to use.

OMC Motor Group

4 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: Financials and Import Invoices.

Used for Northern Accident Repair Company who have 4 sites (Manchester, Rochdale, Halifax and Castleford) Repair damaged vehicles mainly for insurance companies. Also have two fast fit outlets based at two of the sites. The Sales invoicing is produced at the remote sites using software specific to the industry. We are the Head Office based in Oldham.

We have 4 users and use Accounting, Customer, Supplier, Banking and Asset Management Modules.

We have moved from Sageline 100 to Interprise and the speed of processing has made a big difference to the company. We no longer need to keep an invoice register as Interprise does that for us, yet another time saving. The girls love the Bank Reconciliation as this is so much quicker and easier to search for any transaction. We also love the ability to specify what we want to see on a report and the ability to run and then search on the report. This is useful when a payment is received in the bank but the narrative is misleading. We run the aged debtors to screen and search for the value. This again is a big time saver. Another favourite is the Template Journals as there are many repeat Journals and again time saved.

Cannot recommend enough. They have been with us all the way from purchase to installation to support and training. Our branches produce the sales invoices on site then send a file with the transactions to head office. Because of the way insurance companies require their invoices and the excess and VAT implications this can become very involved. Interprise wrote a bespoke option to update the invoices into the system. Natalie and Gary in particular have provided excellent support to ensure a smooth transition from Sageline 100. Whenever we have had a question we have received a positive answer.

Highly recommend. We have been treated as an individual company and not just an account number.

RAT Stands

10 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: Financials, Stock and Order Processing accros Multiple locations.

RAT Stands Ltd manufactures music stands, music stand lights, and staging, and sells them to performing arts venues worldwide

We have been using Interprise since its introduction in June 2007. We have 10 users and we use all the modules.

We love the fact that all of our data – customers, suppliers, products, and accounting – is held in one database and is therefore totally interlinked. The ability to drill down and across is invaluable. We have people who work in the office, and others who work off site, and the fact that they can use the system wherever they are was one of Interprise’s big advantages. We make extensive use of ODBC queries to get out data which we can then process in ways other people would only dream of.


10 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock, Order Processing and Interprise eCommerce.

We are Seventies Ltd, a BMX bicycle importer based in Hastings on the South Coast of England. We are the exclusive distributor for 13 of the world’s leading mid and high end brands for BMX complete bikes and after market BMX parts and accessories, including our in house brand Federal Bikes.

We moved onto Interprise in 2011 and have 10 users. We use all 7 of the standard modules and also have the ecommerce module for our website, and the counter sales module for our factory shop.

Before moving on to Interprise we were on multiple systems with the sales and inventory separate to the accounts software, which was also separate to the website. A module linked them together but it was cluttered, required refreshing and sometimes failed which was very time consuming. Switching not only saved us money but having everything in one place on one system has sped up the way we work, updates on the main system refresh the website and accounts and makes everything so much simpler. This integration of all our departments, our inventory, and our website by the system has to be our favourite feature.

Support with Interprise has been great. It’s fantastic to be able to work with a company that you simply pick up the phone and get through to a knowledgeable human being that can assist in an efficient manner. Even when the system has not had features we require they have been able to provide reasonable pricing for developers to customise and add extra features.

Yes, I would recommend Interprise. Over the years we have used quite a few of the mainstream as well as bespoke crm systems, accounting programs etc and nothing has come close to Interprise, it’s a competitively priced system that simply just works without hassle – we couldn’t really ask for more than that from a software solution.


10 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: CRM, Financials, Stock and Order Processing.

We are a manufacturer and supplier of medical products to scientific and medical laboratories.

We have been using Interprise since 01/10/2010 moving from a medley of spreadsheets and small programs for all our CRM, stock, invoicing and purchasing. Our bookkeeping was outsourced to a Sage bookkeeper. We have 10 users and use CRM, Customer, Supplier and Inventory very extensively and also the Banking and Accounting.

We have benefited extensively from Interprise. Our set-up of customers is complex with buyer contacts having a different address to the delivery point address which is different to the accounts department postal address, of which the contacts for this department were at different addresses again. IS was able to accommodate this requirement for 4 at least addresses per “customer” via the Ship-To function. We can have up to the region of 20 different Ship To addresses per customer – so it has a lot of flexability/ability for a lot of addresses. Another area where it scores is the Assembly item and the different Units of Measure. We are able to do basic manufacturing with this function of assembling components together and keeping track of the stock of components and also keeping accurate costing of the item, especially as it allows you to include the costing of a non-stock tracked item – where it accounts the cost of just taking a percentage of the item without it actually physically taking any of the item. The multiple units of measure create a lot of item flexibility when buying in bulk and splitting down. Another key area for us was the customizability. We have created 10’s of new and revised documents and reports, as well as adding fields for various messages. Drill-in ability and customisable reports is a good point that scores over Sage L50.

Have only recently taken out support direct with ISUK having previously been served by a local installer/re-seller. Experience so far has been positive in them being able to quickly rectify issues.

Yes I would. Cost of the system doesn’t compare with equivalents. Any limitations or disappointments should be considered in the light of this. Our accountants prefer Sage but after having now used both (Line 50), the usability of IS is far better.