Happy Customers, Successful Business

The Interprise Customer Module lets you build efficient workflows from first contact to repeat orders

The Customer module follows an intuitive flow in your interaction with your customers. Your workflow can be tailored to how your business operates; as simple or as comprehensive as you need it to be.

From an initial quotation through to a sales order conversion, stock allocation, packaging and despatch, delivery routing, back to back purchase ordering, delivery notes, invoicing and ultimately credit control and customer services … or perhaps you have multiple web shops feeding online orders back to Interprise in real time creating sales orders which are prepared and despatched in a third party warehouse while special orders are generated automatically as back to back orders on your preferred suppliers.

However simple, complicated or diverse your customer journey, the Interprise customer module has all the pieces you need to build your efficient workflow.

Flexible Customer Workflow

The customer module includes your Sales Order Processing and Sales Ledger functionality

The core function of most businesses will be the customer module.  An efficient quotation and order processing system is a foundation of customer satisfaction.  Flexible and intelligent stock allocaton and back to back ordering on your suppliers (and being able to track this flow) permits you to feed back real time status to your customers that keeps them happy.

81% of customers will do business with you again if they have a positive experience; it is always more cost effective to keep your customers happy than it is to find new customers.

Building customer loyalty takes more than good intentions; it takes efficient systems.  

It takes Interprise

Interprise lets you build tailored workflows that focus on customer satisfaction while simplifying menu and screen options for individual users and departments.  This simple ability to remove complexity and clutter simplifies business processes and reduces mistakes.

Key features of the Interprise customer module

These are only a selection of the standard features of the Interprise customer module. Each user or department can operate their own menu or screen options that simplifies operations to produce the most efficient workflow possible.

efficiency by design

Plugin Options for System Manager

Exchange 365 Email Integration

Allows Interprise to send, receive and store email, contacts and calendar functions using Microsoft Exchange on premise, hosted or Office 365.   This allows any user to synchronise with Outlook.


The alerts plug in allows you to enable an alert to a user when a predefined condition is met within the Interprise system.  

Trade Counter

A trade counter interface allows cash or credit customers to process quick sales.  Customer credit limits and price lists are applied at the POS with integrated payments screen. 

Magento integration

The Magento interface will allow you to develop an effective B2B or B2C web shop.  Information on customers, orders, inventory and pricing are accessed via Interprise API’s allowing real time processing across windows applications and web shop interfaces.

Carrier Integration

Information is generated from Interprise for MetaPack or any Carrier’s that require a file to import into their software to print labels, book deliveries or provide tracking information to customers.

Customer Feeds

If your web shop trawls for business using price comparison sites (comparison shopping engines) like Google merchant, price grabber and price runner this plugin will let you feed the information they require to them in a format they require.

Screen Shot Gallery

Demonstration Video

Vertical menu look and feel

A comprehensive delve into the workings of the Interprise Customer module from capturing the initial customer details through order processing and finally into the sunlight as we reach the sales ledger and credit control functionality. 

At a little over an hour this is a comprehensive video for those really wishing to understand the workflow and get an idea of the power and flexibility that Interprise can bring to your business. 

Best enjoyed with a large coffee.


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