Powerful CRM functionality as standard

The Customer Relationship Management or CRM module of Interprise is a fully integrated package that provides a single database of contacts and activities across your organisation.

Designed to provide best of breed features previously available only to larger organisations the Interprise CRM module provides small to medium sized businesses with integrated CRM features like Campaigns, Case Management, Target Lists, Opportunity Management, Outbound Calls, Leads, Prospects and so on, but without the complexity and cost usually associated with implementing them.

Easy to use, intuitive and oh so much simpler than most

a single database across your entire business

Compare and Contrast

The Interprise CRM module has the power and flexibility to go head to head with any CRM package, but it has evolved to maintain simplicity at the core of its design.  We believe users need to be able understand what they are doing, why they are doing it and what they gain from it.  

How many CRM systems are now so complicated trying to be everything to everyone that they have just lost their way.  When compared with Sage CRM, Microsoft Dynamic CRM, SAP Business One CRM module and Salesforce CRM Interprise provides you with all the features most mid-size organisation want, in a clear and intuitive interface.

So why is Interprise better?

It is better because all your Interprise data, including the CRM, is held within the same Microsoft SQL database that allows you to share information across every part of your organisation.  Workflow is smooth with no duplication, no need to ‘synchronise’ data; a single source of data allowing true, real time information processing for your business.

The information you gather can be tailored to your needs simply and quickly by any user.  This information automatically appears for inclusion in reports and document templates – simple by design.

And because it does this as part of the standard Interprise package, it represents incredible value for money.

Don't underestimate the importance of knowing what was said and what was promised

Powerful, flexible but simple and intuitive to use; a CRM that people want to use because it works … for your sales department, for your accounts department, for customer services, for you!

Key features of Interprise CRM

With Interprise CRM every department is in the loop and the information flows seamlessly across your business

Plugin Options for CRM

MailChimp integration

Create target lists in Interprise  and manage your Mailchimp mail shot.  Responses are automatically fed back into your CRM allowing you to follow up initial interest.


The alerts plug in allows you to enable an alert to a user when a predefined condition is met within the Interprise system.  

Exchange 365 Email integration

Allows Interprise to send, receive and store email, contacts and calendar functions using Microsoft Exchange on premise, hosted or Office 365.   This allows any user to synchronise with Outlook.

Screen Shot Gallery

Demonstration Video

Vertical menu look and feel

Experience the look and feel of Interprise CRM as Tony walks you through the workflow.  From your first prospect meeting to processing your sales orders it may well be the best (or at least most informative) 46 minutes you spend this week.


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