Powerful period driven Nominal Ledger

The accounting module is the powerful core of the Interprise Suite. It supports both simple nominal structures and sophisticated segmented nominal structures to accommodate the most complex general ledger requirements.

With a flexible period structure the accounting module is designed to let you continue processing in real time with the ability to amend future period numbers (say 12 to 13 months) or dates (say 4 week months). Interprise simply re-sorts transactions into the correct period with these transactions only becoming ‘locked’ to the period once it is closed.

Comprehensive budget analysis across the ledger allows you to compare period and year to date (YTD) budget figures with the actual figures. The financial accounting layouts include the ability to display monthly performance across the page/screen with a quick export to spreadsheet facility.

The accounting module also includes a complete VAT Return routine including EC Sales Lists with Intrastat reconciliation for those businesses involved in EU trade.

The Interprise database is designed to utilize the scalability of Microsoft SQL to cope with very high transaction volumes with no degradation in the responsiveness or speed of operation.

Keeping control of your business takes accurate financial information

It takes Interprise

Key features of the Interprise accounting module

efficiency by design

Plugin Options for System Manager

Multi Company Consolidation

This plugin allows you to consolidate multiple data sets into one data set for consolidated company financial statements.  It copies all the nominal transactions so proper drill down is still possible within the consolidated company.


The alerts plug in allows you to enable an alert to a user when a predefined condition is met within the Interprise system.  

Project Costing

The project costing plugin enables you to create projects linked to customers and allocated to project managers which can then have budgets matched against actual costs and revenues posted against them.

Screen Shot Gallery

Demonstration Video

Vertical menu look and feel

Tony takes you to the very core of the Interprise system, the accounting module. Listen to the joy of segmented nominals and the various journal options and recurring transactions that include accruals and prepayments. Build your own financial statement templates while you admire the fascinating drill down options that show you the detail instantly. This 48 minute video takes you screen by screen through this fascinating world …

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